“ Prayer is the greatest resource
a Christian has. 

“ Prayer is the mightiest weapon
a Christian has. 

“ Prayer is the link to God that
a Christian has. 

Prayer Guide

Lord God,

We look to you as the sovereign one to guide and strengthen us through the uncertainty that surrounds us. We seek your wisdom, protection, and peace in all things. Father, we humble ourselves knowing we can do nothing ourselves, for this we seek your intervention into the affairs of man. We trust in your grace and mercy as we pray for;



We pray our government will, recognize God’s authority over our country, re-establish the principles of our founding Fathers, seek wisdom in all decisions, act in righteousness.

  • Officials
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Cabinet members
  • Supreme Court Justices
  • Senators
  • Representatives
  • Governor
  • State Senators
  • State Representatives
  • County and City officials



We pray our troops have, courage to face the enemy, divine protection, confidence in their mission, strength in their faith, wise caring leaders. May the families of those who serve be protected and supported.



We pray our families will, unite in love re-establishing the parent child relationships, revive the family values that formed the fiber of this country, raise up the next generation in biblical training and education. We pray our society as a whole embraces the biblical mandates of family and its responsibilities.



We pray our schools will, be a safe place for children and faculty, teach truth, strive for excellence in academic and life lessons, strengthen children’s characters through ethical and moral teaching.



We pray our churches will, unite reflecting God’s love to all people, teach Truth as can only come from the Bible, commit themselves to Christ’s mission and purpose, abandon worldly things for kingdom things. May our churches become the refuge for all and the light in the darkness for the world.



We pray the world will,

unite in an effort to bring peace to all nations, practice integrity in business and diplomacy, develop tolerance and ensure human rights for all people.



We pray for the lost that they may, come to know God, hear the gospel and understand, accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, develop a relationship with Jesus that through their faith and obedience will spread the good news to every nation.


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