I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

1 Timothy 2:1-2 KJV

The Prayer Guardian Ministry is dedicated to encouraging and empowering intercessory power for our public political, spiritual, and social leaders, but may include anyone viewed as an important leader in our community, state, and country.

By joining the Prayer Guardian Ministry, you are committing to pray regularly for those people you will choose. You are asked to pray for these individuals at least once a week or more often. Also, you are committing to make contact with the person once a month. You may contact the person by personal letter via ground mail, by email, or by postcards provided by the ministry for contact purposes.

The amount of information you disclose to the person you have chosen is up to you. You may be anonymous, or you may choose to provide to the person all your contact information.

The Prayer Guardian Ministry is not political nor does it make judgments on issues. The Prayer Guardian commits to be completely non-partisan and refrain from any political or social activism. Any public display of political or social activism as part of or related to this ministry shall result in the Prayer Guardian being removed from the ministry and their Wards being notified of such. Although, we expect you to pray for your Wards to be guided by God and that they would have Divine wisdom in your decisions, this shall be a private intercessory prayer consideration not a public commentary on any issue or policy.



Prayer Guardian, one that will take responsibility for praying for a selected individual(s).

Ward, an individual selected by a Prayer Guardian for intercessory prayer.

Prayer Guardian Ministry is a ministry of Prayer Power of Georgia, Inc.



To draw the faithful into a closer relationship with each other and with God, while following the biblical directions God set down for prayer and making disciples.



To have a committed group, Prayer Guardians, to lift up their Wards in prayer, but to also let the Wards know they are being lifted up in prayer, and to share that resource with them.



To promote and encourage regular and continuous intercessory prayer for those in positions of leadership or influence in our local communities, the county, the state, and the country.



  • Prayer Guardian may be an individual, a group, a church, or an organization.
  • Prayer Guardian will select those for whom they are led to pray.
  • Prayer Guardian must be allowed to select anyone and as many wards as they want.
  • There can be no political agenda, or judgment about anyone selected.



  • Prayer Guardian must commit to pray for their Ward regularly, once a week at least.
  • Prayer Guardian must commit to mailing a card or letter monthly to their Ward.
  • Prayer Guardian Ministry will maintain a list of those selected and by whom, with all contact information for both.
  • The initial contact will be by Prayer Guardian Ministry in the form of a letter to the Ward, introducing their Prayer Guardian and explaining the ministry.
  • Prayer Guardian Ministry may provide postcards that can be used for the monthly mailing.
  • Prayer Guardian may write their own letters if they wish.
  • Prayer Guardian Ministry will send periodic reminders and encouragement to the Prayer Guardian
  • A small donation may be requested to cover the cost of postage and materials.


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