dabbs5.5.15.2ndMrs. Trisha Dabbs

Each year, Prayer Power of Georgia, Inc. awards someone from our community with the Saints in Light award. Nominations are received from people in the community and then the Prayer Power Board of Directors investigates and selects the person we believe to be the best representative of a Christian lifestyle. The Saints in Light Award” is presented to an individual serving Pike County “who has been a spiritually inspiring, motivating, and encouraging influence in the community, and who openly and with love works for the betterment of the community and the people they come in contact with.” “By reflecting the true meaning of love and service in the community, they inspire and empower others to do the same. Mrs. Trisha Dabbs has worked with the Boys and Girls club, the REACH program, Kiwanis Club, the Red Cross, and lately with the PUP movement to clean up our county. “Not only does Ms Dabbs reach out to those in our community in times of need, but she also rescues and cares for animals when ever needed,” he said. “We don’t have the time to go over Mrs. Dabbs’ complete resume of community service, but everyone I have talked to about Mrs. Dabbs have all shared the same description of her: She lights up our community, she gives her heart, time, and spirit each day of the year to make life better for others and never expects anything in return.” “On behalf of Prayer Power and the Pike County community, we thank Mrs. Dabbs for her service to our community.”

May 22, 2015 May 2015
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