About US

We pray for anyone in need of prayer.

We promote public prayer and spiritual programs.

On request, we provide spiritual support and services.

We organize, plan, present, and participate in various activities in the community.

Such as:

  • A Radio ministry of daily devotionals.

  • National Day of Prayer events

  • Sponsor Pike County Baccaulauarte Service

  • Prayer Power Faith Award / Scholarship

  • Saints in Light Award

  • Spiritual Nourishment emails daily

  • Prayer Walks

  • Do Invocations at the Pike County School Board meetings.

  • Do invocations at the Pike County Board of Commissioners Meetings

  • Prayer Guardian Ministry

  • Published Books

  • Other activities as resources and opportunities allow

Prayer Power of Georgia, Inc. is a faith-based 501(c)3 private foundation.

Let us hear from you.

Your comments and suggestions are encouraged.